BBC iWonder

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BBC iWonder, a growing part of curated by BBC Learning, provides thought-provoking answers to fascinating questions sparked by BBC programmes, the news, anniversaries and world events. Working with Manchester's Modern English, we created new guides on topics as diverse as Memory, Lucid Dreaming and Online Safety, each presented by an expert in the field. [...]

BitPoker 24/7


Startup BitPoker 24/7 played things differently, using BitCoin as the currency of choice in their virtual poker rooms. As befits an online casino thinking way ahead of the curve, innovative and tech-savvy blogs were created to help create their online community of pioneering spirits. Dealing out topics as diverse as poker in the movies and [...]

Coats Industrial Threads


Unless you're in the textile industry, you probably haven't heard of Coats. But chances are, you're wearing something they made right now. As the world's largest producer of yarns and threads for textiles, their products go into more textiles than anyone else's. When their global website needed a full review and refresh, including scripting for instructional [...]

Urban Bubble

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Website copy for the North West’s fastest-growing property management company. Urban Bubble’s success stories in residential property management give prospective customers the best insight into the dynamic company’s unique way of doing things and their dedication to exemplary customer service. That’s why, in addition to creating a tone of voice which was applied to their [...]

Devitt Insurance


Motorbike insurance specialists Devitt know their customers and understand just how passionate they are about all things bike related. That's why their 'Keep Britain Biking' microsite provides an informed source of the latest news from the biking scene, useful editorial and an approach to articles designed to keep users coming back, foster a community, encourage debate [...]


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Recruitment agency Clarico required content for their new site that reflected their professionalism, experience and areas of expertise. This needed to be communicated to both potential staff and companies looking to recruit. The results, taken from existing info and new research, certainly did the job for the North West company. Check out their site here.

East Coast Trains

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National rail operator East Coast Trains didn’t just run regular mainline services on their busy route. They also ran a popular loyalty scheme for customers, plus held regular ticket and cross sell promotions. All kept on schedule by a coordinated CRM programme including emails, texts, online ads and regular website updates. Working with the [...]