Make every word work

When it comes to copy, nobody ever reads the blurb, right? Then try running your ad or launching your shiny new website using Lorem Ipsum instead of actual copy and see how effective it is. Your audience will only ignore them if they’re irrelevant, stale or uninspiring. Compelling copy is a vital part of any communication and with the right care can get the results you need; whether it’s sales, enquiries, donations, or just nice warm feelings about your brand. That’s what I’ve been doing with words past, present and (hopefully) future.

Debunking a few myths

Anyone who understands communication knows the science of conversion is all about the chemistry you create between you and your audience – not the variety favoured by conversion gurus.
True. But not everyone can make it the kind of text people actually want to read. Copywriters understand what reads well and gets the message across clearly and effectively.

Especially the one about starting sentences with conjunctions. Compelling copy occasionally flouts those laws drummed into us at school to help words flow and keep them easy to read. Sorry, grammar pedants. But rules are made to be broken.

Loop Photography

Short copy

Whether lovingly crafted copywriting for boutique clients like Loop, or CRM email campaigns for national rail operator East Coast, when it’s short and sweet every word needs to work that little bit harder.

Stockport College

Long copy

Tell a story that people want to read and getting your message across is always easier. I strive to make longer copy for mailers, brochures and websites like Stockport College a worthy read, not a wordy one.

Coloured Pencils

Tone of voice

Every good brand has a tone of voice. And every good copywriter knows how to build one or work with an existing TOV, taking it further with recent packaging for Reeves art materials or website copy for Chicago Town Pizza.