Project Description

BBC iWonder, a growing part of curated by BBC Learning, provides thought-provoking answers to fascinating questions sparked by BBC programmes, the news, anniversaries and world events. Working with Manchester’s Modern English, we created new guides on topics as diverse as Memory, Lucid Dreaming and Online Safety, each presented by an expert in the field. The guides use animations, short films, infographics and other interactive elements to provide engaging answers to the questions posed.

As copywriter for the team, I was involved in researching, writing and crafting content throughout production before it was launched to the site’s millions of weekly visitors.

Watch short animation from ‘Memory’ iWonder guide here:

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Keeping kids safe online

BBC Breakfast’s Steph McGovern highlights the risks our online offspring face and how to keep them safe from the dangers without restricting their digital development.


Happiness unlocked

But do we actually know how to be happy? Or what that even means? From philosophy to practical tips, this short guide aims to help us understand the ins and out of our primary aim in life.


Why do we fall in love?

It can be intoxicating, devastating and every feeling in between. So what actually causes us to fall in love, and how has our view of this heart-fluttering four-letter word changed through history?


Learn to lucid dream

Lucid dreaming allows you to take control of your journeys in the world of dreams and do anything you wish – but can anyone master it and how’s it done?


Marvellous memory

Rachel Riley guides us through the complexities of one our most amazing assets: our memory. Learn how it works, compares to the animal kingdom and its future in the digital age.